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James Waring
"Jimmy had an amazing gift which--because I was put off by the mixture of camp and balleticism in his work--I didn't appreciate until much later. His company was full of misfits. They wre too short or too fat or too uncoordinated or too mannered or too inexperienced by any other standards. He had this gift of choosing people who "couldn't do too much" in conventional technical terms but who, under his subtle directorial manipulations, revealed spectacular stage personalities. He could pull the silk purse out of the sow's ear." --Yvonne Rainer. Feelings are Facts: A Life. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2006.

Participated in:

10, 17, 30 December 1961 & 7 January 1962 at 3:30 & 8:30 PMOne-Act Plays by James Waring, John Wieners and Robert Duncan The Off Bowery Theatre
Nights at the Tango Palace (Play)

Edge: A Work for Dancers and Actors (Dance, Performance)
Satie for Two (Dance)

Exercise (Dance)

Murder Cake (Play)

Wind Music #177 (Music)

The End of Dawn (Film Screening)

13 March 1964, opening, continuing Thursdays, Fridays, and SaturdaysOne-act plays by Diane DiPrima, LeRoi Jones and Frank O'Hara The New Bowery Theatre
Murder Cake ((Play))

Unidentified Dance Performances (Dance)

Oklahoma Danger Remark or, A Luncheon Date with the Torpedos of Fu Manchu (A Musical Evocation of Florence Nightingale and her era) (Play)
Librettist, Director, Actor: Cowboy

Lecture Demonstration Number Three (Dance)
Choreographer, Performer

Strelitzia (Dance)
Costume Designer
Belisa in the Garden (Dance)
Composer, Costume Designer

The Sideshow (Play)

Event Staff

15-16 February 1965
Susan Kaufman Dance Series
East End Theatre
Series Creator
22-23 Feb 1965
Lecture Demonstration Number 3
East End Theatre
Series Creator
15-16 March 1965
Aileen Passloff and Company
East End Theatre
Series Creator
22-23 March
Elaine Summers and Company
East End Theatre
Series Creator
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