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American Theatre for Poets, Inc.

Event Staff
Spring 1965
One-Act Plays by James Schuyler, Kenward Elmslie and Arthur Wiliams
East End Theatre
Flyer, Spring Program, 1965
Flyer, Spring Program, 1965
Performances Participants
Shopping and Waiting (Play)

James Schuyler (Playwright)
Alan Marlowe (Director)
Alex Katz (Set Designer)
Unpacking the Black Trunk (Play)

Kenward Elmslie (Playwright)
James Schuyler (Playwright)
Diane DiPrima (Director)
Andy Warhol (Filmmaker)
The Sideshow (Play)

Arthur Williams (Playwright)
James Waring (Director)
Michael Goldberg (Set Designer)
Poets Vaudeville (Play)

This production replaced a performance of The Sideshow (date unknown).

Diane DiPrima (Playwright, Voice)
Jerry Benjamin (Director)
Margaret Gowent (Lighting Designer)
Frank Hall (Sound)
Louis Waldon (Actor)
Marva Abraham (Actor)
Virgil Doyle (Actor)
Ed Dvorak (Actor)
Jeanne Marlowe (Actor)
Karen Verwoert (Actor)
Paul Nevaite (Production Assistant)
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