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A Partial Index of the
American Theatre for Poets, Inc.

Maidman Playhouse
416 West 42nd Street

In March 1962, the American Theatre for Poets Inc. staged a series of performances over multiple weekends at Maidman Playhouse, a theatre on W. 42nd Street.

"It was probably soon after the McClures left New York that someone offered Alan Marlowe the Maidman Playhouse on 44th Street for a couple of months. Whoever it was, they were offering the space to Alan in order to cut their own losses, having engaged the theatre for a play that didn't run. Alan rented the place cheaply and produced another two-month season, March to May, 1962. This one was quite different from what we'd been doing at the Off-Bowery. For one thing we didn't do, or try to do, any plays, instead we had various people arrange and be in charge of various kinds of performances: we had music, dance, happenings, and movies, on different week nights. There was even a poetry reading: I still have a series of photographs, all in one long frame, which shows the same set-up: table, chair, and glass of water, with Paul Blackburn, LeRoi Jones, myself, and Frank O'Hara, at the table by turns, and then finally the table and empty chair and glass of water. I look very pregnant in the photo ... " -- Diane di Prima. Recollections of My Life as a Woman: The New York Years. New York: Viking, 2001.

5 March 1962
Dance works by Yvonne Rainer and Fred Herko
The Bells: A Study
Satie for Two
Three Seascapes
Edge: A Work for Dancers and Actors
Three Satie Spoons
16-17 March 1962
Ted Curson and Archie Shepp
18 March 1962
Poetry Reading
Various Poets
22 March 1962
Performances by Allan Kaprow and Robert Whitman
Untitled by Robert Whitman
A Happening - Untitled
23 March 1962
New Dance Works
Dance for Three People and Six Arms
Desert Music
24 March 1962
Unidentified Film
Another Garden
Second Nothing
The Stewed Prunes
A La Mode
Unidentified Music
24 March 1962, midnight
Blues Singers
Muddy Waters and Sonny Lee Williams
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