no. 5

A Partial Index of the
American Theatre for Poets, Inc.

Event Staff
12 March 1964
Sights and Sounds IV
The New Bowery Theatre
John Herbert McDowell (Series Creator)
Flyer, Sights and Sounds IV, 1964
Flyer, March Events, 1964
Performances Participants
Make the, Noise (Tape Piece)

Steve Dinsmore (Creator)
The End of Dawn (Film Screening)

This could be Warhol's film Haircut #1, which includes the same cast:

Andy Warhol (Filmmaker)
John Daley (Actor)
James Waring (Actor)
Fred Herko (Actor)
Amazing Grace (New Version) (Tape Piece)

Richard Maxfield (Creator)
Songs (Music)

Gloria Pages (Composer)
Entrement (Dance)

Susan Kaufman (Choreographer)
Michael Childs (Music Arrangement, Guitarist)
Joan Baker (Dancer)
Kathleen Carlin (Dancer)
Phoebe Neville (Dancer)
Vicente Gomez (Composer: Cancion de Amor)
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