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Event Staff
5 March 1962
Dance works by Yvonne Rainer and Fred Herko
Maidman Playhouse
William Linich [Billy Name] (Lighting Designer)

"In January 1962 [sic] I shared a concert with Fred Herko at the Maidman Playhouse on West 42nd Street. My half included my first three solos plus Satie for Two and Grass, a duet with Dariusz Hochman, a Polish-born ballet-trained dancer. Freddie presented a Waring-like half-hour mélange for a large group. Fred Herko was an extremely gifted dancer. Trained in ballet, he performed in Broadway musicals, with Jimmy Waring, and in some of Warhol's early films. He also taught a ballet class, which I took, in the studio on 2nd Avenue that I shared with Jimmy and Aileen. Perhaps everything was too easy for him. By 1964 he had burned himself out on amphetamines and under the influence jumped out of a window to his death. For years I thought of Freddie each time I executed a particular leg warm-up during my daily barre workout.
"It says something about my stamina in those days that I performed all five dances on the Maidman program under the duress of a fever, having been in bed for the preceding five days with the flu. Later Bill Davis told me that for the next week he laughed out loud whenever he thought of the finale of my solo, Three Seascapes, with its maniacal screaming and thrashing, the last thing one would have expected of a modern dancer in those decorous times. All of the dances at the Maidman, both Freddie's and mine, received devastating reviews."--Yvonne Rainer. Feelings Are Facts: A Life. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2006.

Flyer, Dance works by Yvonne Rainer and Fred Herko, 1962
Program, Dance works by Yvonne Rainer and Fred Herko, 1962
Program, Dance works by Yvonne Rainer and Fred Herko, 1962
Performances Participants
The Bells: A Study (Dance)

Yvonne Rainer (Dancer, Choreographer)
Erik Satie (Composer)
Satie for Two (Dance)

Yvonne Rainer (Dancer, Choreographer)
Trisha Brown (Dancer)
Robert Dunn (Pianist)
James Waring (Costumes)
Sergei Rachmaninoff (Composer)
Three Seascapes (Dance)

Yvonne Rainer (Dancer, Choreographer)
La Monte Young (Composer)
Edge: A Work for Dancers and Actors (Dance, Performance)

Fred Herko (Dancer, Choreographer)
Alan Marlowe (Actor)
Dean Selmier (Actor)
Trisha Brown (Dancer)
Ruth Emerson (Dancer)
John Coltrane (Composer)
Pamela Davies (Composer)
Peter Hartman (Composer, Musical Director)
David Walker (Composer)
James Waring (Costumes)
Three Satie Spoons (Dance)

Yvonne Rainer (Dancer, Choreographer)
Robert Dunn (Pianist)
Erik Satie (composer)
Grass (Dance)

Yvonne Rainer (Dancer, Choreographer)
Dariusz Hochman (Dancer, Choreographer)
John Cage (Composer)
Morton Feldman (Composer)
Moondog (Composer)
Trisha Brown (Costumes)
Erik Satie (composer), Bela Bartok (composer)
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