no. 5

A Partial Index of the
American Theatre for Poets, Inc.

Event Staff
24 March 1962
Maidman Playhouse
Alan Marlowe (Production Supervisor)
Nicola Cernovich (Production Supervisor)
William Linich [Billy Name] (Lighting Designer)
Program, Variety, 1962
Program, Variety, 1962
Flyer, March Performances, 1962
Press Release, March Performances, 1962
Performances Participants
Unidentified Film (Film Screening)

Nicola Cernovich (Filmmaker)
Another Garden (Unidentified [Dance])

Fred Herko (Unidentified [Dancer, Choreographer])
Second Nothing (Performance)

Ray Johnson (Artist, Director)
George Brecht (Artist, Director)
The Stewed Prunes (Unidentified)

MacIntyre Dixon (Unidentified [Actor])
Richard Libertini (Unidentified [Actor])
A La Mode (Film)

Stanley Vanderbeek (Filmmaker)
Unidentified Music (Music)

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