no. 5

A Partial Index of the
American Theatre for Poets, Inc.

Event Staff
24 March 1962
Maidman Playhouse
William Linich [Billy Name] (Lighting Designer)
Alan Marlowe (Production Supervisor)
Nicola Cernovich (Production Supervisor)
Program, Variety, 1962
Program, Variety, 1962
Flyer, March Performances, 1962
Press Release, March Performances, 1962
Performances Participants
Unidentified Film (Film Screening)

Nicola Cernovich (Filmmaker)
Another Garden (Unidentified [Dance])

Fred Herko (Unidentified [Dancer, Choreographer])
Second Nothing (Performance)

Ray Johnson (Artist, Director)
George Brecht (Artist, Director)
The Stewed Prunes (Unidentified)

MacIntyre Dixon (Unidentified [Actor])
Richard Libertini (Unidentified [Actor])
A La Mode (Film)

Stanley Vanderbeek (Filmmaker)
Unidentified Music (Music)

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