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Michael McClure

"That winter, after the second set of plays at the Off-Bowery, Michael and Joanne McClure came briefly to live in New York. They thought of themselves as moving there, but it turned out to be more like an extended visit.

The McClures made quite a stir when they arrived. We didn't have, locally, anything quite like them. Their beauty and nonchalance. A kind of laid-back intelligence that some of the Zen-influenced New Yorkers tried to affect, but could never quite get right. [...]

Michael was, I think, eager to join in whatever artistic adventures were going on at the moment. He did everything from walk the night streets with Ray Johnson, looking for billboards to alter with a well-thrown can of paint, to going to cocktail parties at Frank O'Hara's house." -- Diane di PrimaRecollections of My Life as a Woman: The New York Years. New York: Viking, 2001. 

"... Diane di Prima had started a Poets' Theater in New York with Alan Marlowe and she put on what was truly my first play - a play called The Blossom. or Billy the Kid ... Diane was in New York doing plays by LeRoi Jones and plays of mine and it was a real thrill to know that those plays were being done. At that time we were so broke... I couldn't even get to New York and see them... The artist George Herms did the films of it, did stills of it, did the set for it and he brought me back complete word of it and brought me back some footage of it... I had to go to some extreme state to be able to write that play. I became an authority on the Lincoln County range war... Billy the Kid is famous for his actions in the Lincoln County range war in Lincoln, New Mexico. I became a minor authority on the Lincoln County range war till those characters seemed to be alive in my own consciousness... "
-- Michael McClure, quoted on Warhol Stars.

Michael McClure reading poetry to lions, 1966.

Participated in:

Pillow (Play)

The Blossom, or Billy the Kid (Play)
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