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Francis Francine

I had long, and earnest arguments with Jimmy about the merit of Frankie Francine's performance: Frankie could never remember a line, and whenever he had to speak he'd whip open his fan with a great flourish, his wig and tiara atremble, peer shortsightedly at the spot where he'd written those particular lines, and read them in a 1930s radio voice, pausing portentously after each line to refind his place." -- Diane di Prima, speaking on Francine's performance in Frank O'Hara's Loves Labor, an eclogue. From Recollections of My Life as a Woman: The New York Years. New York: Viking, 2001.

Participated in:

Love's Labor, an eclogue (Play)
Actor: Venus

Like (A Romance) (Play)

13 March 1964, opening, continuing Thursdays, Fridays, and SaturdaysOne-act plays by Diane DiPrima, LeRoi Jones and Frank O'Hara The New Bowery Theatre
Love's Labor, an eclogue (Play)
Actor: Venus

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