no. 5

A Partial Index of the
American Theatre for Poets, Inc.

Event Staff
1-2 June 1964
8 Theater Works by Schmidt Obaldia Blossom Tropp (Dance, Film, Slides, Stage Plays)
American Arts Project
Robert Cordier (Program Director, Set Designer)
Wayne Grice (Assistant to the Director)
Maxime de la Facaise (Costume Coordinator)
Elisabeth Rasumny (Assistant to the Production)
David Reiff (Assistant to the Production)

Program, 8 Theatrer Works, 1964
Flyer, Events for May and June, 1964
Press Release, Events for May and June, 1964
Performances Participants
Interior 1 & 2 (Unidentified)

Beverly Schmidt (Choreographer, Dancer)
A Man and His Dog (Unidentified)

Roberts Blossom (Creator)
John Fodor (Sound)
Box Interlude (Unidentified)

Beverly Schmidt (Choreographer, Dancer)
The Guillotine Mazurka (Unidentified)

also in credits: "world of transparence -- Obaldia  Cordier"

Rene Obaldia (Author)
Robert Cordier (Translator)
Howard Hart (Adaptation)
Taylor Mead (Performer)
Betty Lou Holland (Performer)
Roberts Blossom (Performer)
Black Traveler (Unidentified)

Beverly Schmidt (Choreographer, Dancer)
Poem for the Theater #6 (Dance, Film Screening)

Steven Tropp (Creator)
Beverly Schmidt (Dancer)
Roberts Blossom (Director)
Mario Jorrin (Filmmaker)
Lucinda Childs (Performer: sleep walker)
June Ekman (Performer: sleep walker)
Sally Gross (Performer: sleep walker)
Elizabeth Munro (Performer: sleep walker)
Arlene Rothlein (Performer: sleep walker)
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