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American Theatre for Poets, Inc.

Event Staff
1-2 March 1965
Dance This Evening
East End Theatre
Sidney Bennett (Lighting Designer)
Arthur Bauman (Lighting Execution)
Clyde Cordey (Costume Design, Costume Execution)
Juane Cordey (Costume Execution)

The program suggests that all dances may be choreographed by Susan Cohen and Gerard Martin. It is unclear from program whether performance is one long dance broken into movements or several separate dance pieces.

Program, Dance This Evening, 1965
Press Release, Dance Works by Susan Cohen and Gerry Martin, 1965
Performances Participants
Discourse in Photosynthesis (Dance)

Susan Cohen (Dancer)
Alfa (Dance)

Gerard Martin (Dancer)
Susan Cohen (Dancer)
Maggie Connell (Dancer)
Guillaume de Machaut (composer)
VVQ (Dance)

Gerard Martin (Dancer)
McDuff (Unidentified), Mesang (Unidentified), Mitchell (Unidentified), Edwards (Unidentified)
Aves (Dance)

Susan Cohen (Dancer)
Mátyás Seiber
Vaesoli (Dance)

Gerard Martin (Dancer)
Bela Bartok (composer)
Badinage (Dance)

Gerard Martin (Dancer)
Susan Cohen (Dancer)
Lewis (composer?)
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